What We Do

We use our experience, our commitment to people-centred consulting, our energy, and some cutting-edge analytical tools to bring momentum and clarity to your team. We like to get things done; we like to work with the realities of human nature (not the utopias of Powerpoint and grand plans that only work on a whiteboard) and we make sure our ideas stick.

Growth Strategy

By combining immersive simulations, robust analytics, and expert networks, we help you decide where to play and how to win.

Better Business Operations

Alchemmy's unique approach – sprinkled with data analytics provided by our platforms – drives holistic thinking, empowers frontline teams, and creates an organisation-wide change mindset.

Intelligent Automation

Helping you deliver agile decision-making and lightning-quick execution in complex IT estates – all in an ethical and responsible way.

People-Centred Change

We spend time thinking about, caring about, and embedding within client teams: getting and keeping them on board is partly a science, partly an art, and all-important.

Responsible, Sustainable, Digital

Our internationally renowned digital ethics team helps you navigate the huge commercial opportunities – and increasingly complex obligations – the era of instant connection and powerful technology brings.

Unleash Your Data

Turning raw information into a reliable, responsibly managed source of insight and assets.

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