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Who Are We?

Alchemmy is a boutique transformation consultancy that specialises in delivering sustainable multi-sector change across Aviation, Rail, National Security, Central Government and Law Enforcement.  

Our Aviation team works with airports, airlines and their partners to drive large-scale transformation within their operations. We deliver tangible change, realising real benefit to you and your teams through innovative solutions that unite people, process, technology, data and infrastructure.  

And how are we able to consistently achieve this? By embedding ourselves into your teams; understanding the nuances of your operation; and working collaboratively with you to improve your passengers’ and colleagues’ journeys. 

Alchemmy was founded in 2012 to be a different kind of consultancy. Our 50-person team is based in London and works closely with hand-picked clients. We have years of combined experience in Operating Model design, Organisational Transformation, and Growth Strategy. 

Our Capabilties

Our three core areas of capability aim to support transformations endtoend; all the way from establishing the strategic business case to programme/project set up and delivery. We can support you in a diverse number of ways.  

If you are experiencing any of the below changes, we are the partners of choice to help guide you through: 

  • A change being driven by technology, process, efficiency requirements or new organisational structure. 
  • A change that impacts a diverse group of stakeholders; often not all under your direct control.  
  • A change that may not feel clearly defined or ambiguousit may be part of a longer-term journey. 

As your Aviation Transformation Partner, we can provide you with all the necessary capabilities to ensure that no matter how complex your transformation is, you are well equipped with the right tools and support to successfully embed change within your operation 

Our offering includes an array of capabilities that fall under three main areas:

We work with clients to facilitate early-stage strategic thinking and develop business cases, articulating long term ambition balanced with current challenges. Collaborating with all levels of the airport to identify the ‘case for change’ and set you up to identify the right solution.

  • Strategic Business Cases/Investment Decisions
  • Programme Definition & Design/Set Up
  • Operating Model & Concept of Operations Design

We specialise in supporting organisations through challenging change with our human-centred approach, combined with best practice Transformation capability. We focus on delivering viable solutions, sustainably delivered, within complex operational environments. 

  • Programme & Project Management / Delivery Support
  • Business Change (with Operational understanding & Engagement)
  • Cultural Change and Leadership Training

Build and embed a data-centric culture through better access to Data and Analytics capability. We work with airport teams end to end; from developing a data ambition, to driving fast value from insights, and ensuring the right training and culture is in place.

  • Data Strategy Development and Execution
  • Data Operating Model Design
  • Data Governance
  • Data Culture and Training
  • Operational Improvement driven by Data Insights

Our Values

The Alchemmy Way

Our approach to change is underpinned by ADKAR and Prosci. It ensures success is clearly defined from the outset, that the right leadership team is established, that people are taken along the journey, and that changes are embedded, and benefits are realised.

Hypothesis Driven

As hypothesis-driven consultants, we’ll test and revise our solution to your needs throughout the engagement, ensuring our solutions work for you.

Small & Agile

We aren’t bound by red tape, bureaucracy, or rigid protocols. We can respond swiftly to your context and requirements.

Enable Your Teams

We believe in developing tight-knit stakeholder relationships. Our close proximity enables us to work with your people to understand their needs and share our knowledge.

Practical & Pragmatic

We use data and years of growth strategy experience to build sensible, evidence-based, and implementable solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

A Meaningful Partnership

We pride ourselves on working as a united team, embodying the Alchemmy value to ‘Succeed Together’, with one aligned plan, approach, and common vision.

Platform Enabled

We make the most of innovative technologies to ensure the recommendations we make are measurable and that you own the data on an ongoing basis.

Our Methodology To Deliver Change

Our Approach

Our approach to change is underpinned by ADKAR and Prosci. It ensures success is clearly defined from the outset, that the right leadership team is established, that people are taken along the journey, and that changes are embedded, and benefits are realised.

  1. Awareness of the need for change
  2. Desire to support the change
  3. Knowledge of how to change 
  4. Ability to realise the change
  5. Reinforcement to make the change stick

Our 3-Stage Model

The image highlights a standard delivery lifecycle and how the 3-phase approach and ADKAR align to it. At each key stage of the project lifecycle there will be desired change outcomes which will be achieved via the delivery of change activities and products.

  1. Prepare
  • Case for change
  • Change strategy
  • Benefits strategy
  • Change impact assessment
  • Comms plan

2. Manage

  • Change and operational readiness
  • Training
  • Go-live

3. Prepare

  • Benefits tracking
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Feedback

Our Change Offerings

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What Challenges Do you Face And How Can We Provide Our Support?

Declining Performance

If an organisation is experiencing a decline in key performance indicators, such as revenue, market share, or customer satisfaction, it may signal the need for change.

Employee Resistance

Resistance to change among employees can impede progress. If there is a lack of alignment or engagement, clients may initiate change programs to address organisational culture, communication, and employee buy-in.

Crisis or Turbulence

Events such as financial crises, natural disasters, or global pandemics can force organizations to re-evaluate their operations and make significant changes to ensure survival and resilience.

Inefficient Processes

Clients may identify inefficient or outdated processes that hinder productivity and agility. Streamlining and optimising these processes can be a common goal of change programs.

System Implementation

(Improving efficiency improving against business case). Rapid advancements in technology may render existing systems or practices obsolete. Organisations may need to implement new systems to stay competitive and relevant.

Customer Dissatisfaction

A decline in customer satisfaction or an increase in complaints may prompt an organization to reevaluate its customer service processes, product offerings, or overall customer experience.

Market Changes

Shifts in the market, such as new competitors, emerging technologies, or changes in customer preferences, can create challenges for an organisation. Adapting to these changes often requires a strategic change initiative.

Strategic Shifts

A change in organizational strategy, such as entering new markets, diversifying products or services, or restructuring, may require a corresponding change in how the organisation operates.

Leadership Changes

Changes in leadership, whether due to retirements, resignations, or other reasons, may bring a fresh perspective and a desire for organisational transformation.

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Meet The Leads

For more information about the People & Change work at Alchemmy, please drop us an email at:

Gavin Nicol

Senior Manager

Gavin is Alchemmy’s service lead for High Performing Teams and is experienced in leading complex transformation and change projects across numerous sector. His previous clients include Network Rail, Autoglass, & Heathrow Airport. He is adept at successfully managing a range of senior stakeholders and applying an end-user focus to designing effective business change solutions to embed sustainable change.

Bherav Kakkad


Bherav has 6+ years’ experience working across the end-to-end delivery of Business Change.

He has notable experience across a range of sectors in areas including Digital Transformation, Change Management, Organisational Design, Process Design, Target Operating Model and Communication.

Paul Kennedy


Paul is an international security expert with over 10 years of leadership experience, across 5 continents. Paul’s defence background makes him comfortable delivering complex change in uncertain environments. He is passionate about cultivating a culture of humility within teams and integrity in solution design.

Case Studies

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