Retail & Consumer

The pace of change has always been fierce. But disruption to behaviour and business models has become acute. Amid this uncertainty you need to invest to survive: but where, how, and when?

Clarity First

We help you to identify a future strategy and set a growth mindset to navigate the everchanging landscape

From Insight To Action

We put insights & analytics in the hands of decision makers to provide a deeper understanding of your customers and operations

Built For Agility

Helping clients design and embed sustainable change to enable a truly connected business

Retail & Consumer At Alchemmy

Identifying Opportunities To Fuel Growth

Retailers will need to think big to break through traditional boundaries and embrace advances in technology, cost challenges and increasing consumer demands.

We work closely with business leaders to establish an aligned vision to achieve strategic priorities and answer the most pressing challenges. Our approach is decision focused and brought to life through immersive scenarios and data-driven insights to help attain strategic clarity and unlock opportunities for growth.

Insights & analytics in the hands of decision makers

Customer centric organisations continuously need to build their value proposition around a complete understanding of their customers and their target market.

We enable organisations to harness data to gain a deep understanding of customers and inform decision making that drives their strategy and operations.

Building resilience & agility in your organisation

Retailers that understand the power of deeply integrated
automation will be able to find efficiencies while enhancing current workforce capabilities, and smarter ways to manage inventory to meet changing customer demands. Intelligent Automation must now reach the heart of operations to enable a truly connected business.

However, with change comes uncertainty. At Alchemmy we work hand in hand with our clients to enable sustainable change at each step in the journey.  Our people centric approach helps us ensure that transformations land in a successful and sustainable way across the business.

Meet The Lead

Chris Heap


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