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In an everchanging world, the public sector plays a crucial role in ensuring people’s safety and prosperity. Alchemmy supports organisations within Central Government & Law Enforcement and National Security & Defence to tackle the country’s most challenging issues. We provide expertise and collaborate directly with public servants and frontline professionals – supporting programmes that positively impact society. 

We adopt a people-centric approach to drive meaningful transformation, enabling government agencies to adapt to increasingly complex circumstances. We empower people and their teams and constructively challenge where necessary. Our commitment lies in effecting sustainable changes by working directly with clients to get the best out of their people and technology, ensuring better outcomes for the public. 

What Challenges Do You Face?

Resource Pressures

The UK public sector is facing increasing demands with limited resources, leading to challenges in delivering services efficiently and effectively.

We will review your organisation and processes to identify opportunities for efficiencies and solutions to drive these forwards. Whether this is understanding how AI and intelligent automation can be successfully implemented, or improving processes or ways of working, we will deliver results fast.

Cyber Security & Resilience

Protecting critical national infrastructure from constantly cyber threats, nation-state actors and insider threats is a continuous challenge for the Public Sector. This is compounded by the extensive estate of legacy systems and increasing skills gap.

Alchemmy Cyber is an independent consultancy dedicated to delivering better value for money to public sector organisations, which often face challenges in demonstrating returns on their comprehensive security investments. We advocate for a data-driven approach to making informed decisions in managing ongoing cyber risks, technology spending, and improving overall cyber resilience. By utilising a diagnostics approach to measure the combined effectiveness of security operations, people, processes, and technology, we enhance readiness and resilience. Alchemmy Cyber takes a disruptive approach to cybersecurity with innovative technology and pragmatic advisory services to achieve superior outcomes.

Recruitment & Retention

There's a growing difficulty in attracting and retaining skilled professionals, particularly in critical roles, affecting service delivery and organisational stability.

We conduct workforce planning to identify skills gaps and provide change management support to facilitate workforce transformation initiatives aimed at setting up your organisation for future workforce needs. Upskilling your teams is a core part of our delivery approach, which builds long term capability to deliver sustainable change.

Sustainable Adoption Of New Technologies

The UK public sector is struggling to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology, facing challenges in swiftly and sustainably adopting new innovations while ensuring they align with organisational needs and environmental considerations.

Alchemmy ensures that technology is being used to solve real business problems, with implementation and user adoption in mind right from the beginning. We work with you, using industry change management frameworks, to successfully deliver a step change capability, leaving your people with the skills to continuously transform moving forwards.

Effective Leadership

Leaders are currently faced with the complex challenge of managing resource limitations, recruitment issues, technological changes, public scrutiny, policy complexity, and the dual challenges of fostering innovation while addressing environmental and social responsibilities.

We foster effective leadership and organisational change through our High Performing Teams Accelerator, designed to diagnose, measure and address barriers to creating a high-performing team at an individual, team and organisational level.

Our Capabilities

Product Management

Enhancing the UK public sector's service delivery by aligning technology solutions with user needs, and driving innovation.

Business Analysis-as-a-Service

Providing data-driven insights to identify and address operational inefficiencies, streamlining processes and informing decision-making.

Data Visualisation & Modelling

Transforming complex information into accessible and actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making, whilst enhancing transparency and accountability.

Operational Change Management

Delivering sustainable change by mitigating risks and ensuring smooth transitions to improve service delivery and stakeholder satisfaction.

High-Performing Teams

More our information about our High Performing Teams offering coming soon.

Key Differentiators

Industry Experience

Industry qualified & adaptable Consultants, with subject matter expertise and operational experience across Law Enforcement, National Security, Defence and Justice.

Speed To Value

We are amongst the most responsive companies in the industry, helping our clients to quickly deliver sustainable results.

Diverse Thinking

A diverse team of consultants with varied backgrounds, including Operational Change, Delivery, Business Analysis, Data Analysis and Operating Model professionals.

Who We've Worked With

What We've Done

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Meet The Team

Maya Kolaska

Maya leads Alchemmy’s work with our Central Government and Law Enforcement clients. She has a decade of experience helping the public sector deliver digitally enabled change, including working with the Home Office, Policing and other central government departments. Maya’s expertise spans the end-to-end product lifecycle, from developing a strategic vision and preparing business cases to manging product backlogs and implementing change, always ensuring that people are at the core of any solution.

Brandon Cooke

Brandon has extensive first-hand experience of the impact that technology can have on helping organisations deliver valuable outcomes. He collaborates with clients, translating their strategic goals into valuable outcomes that align with the UK’s National Security and Defence vision. Building on strong relationships, Brandon consistently identifies new opportunities and ensures the highest quality deliverables. He is also a driving force behind shaping Alchemmy’s offerings, keeping them at the forefront of market needs and trends.

Gary Watts

Gary is a people and change leader who helps clients define and deliver transformation from vision and strategy through to implementation, including turnaround. He brings a breadth of industry experience across secure government and the public sector and specialises in putting people at the heart of change.

Paul Kennedy


Charlotte Dale

Department of Business & Trade, Home Office

Eloka Ntephe

Law Enforcement

Christina Sinchetriu

Department of Health & Social Care, Law Enforcement

Huw Bell


Lola Bulow

Ministry of Justice

Luke Ryan

Home Office

Sandra Ekpo

Department of Health & Social Care, Ministry of Justice

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Frameworks We're On

We operate through CCS frameworks including MCF3, DOS and GCloud as well as Serapis, and Bloom. We’re also a member of the Vivace community, providing expertise and collaborating with other organisations to deliver innovative solutions for the Home Office and wider HMG through the Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE). 

Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation to those who serve. It says we will do all we can to ensure they are treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their day-to-day lives. Alchemmy is proud to support those who serve.

For more about the Armed Forces Covenant and what it means for you, visit the link here.

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