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We’re an agile, experienced and diverse team of Analysts, Strategists  and Consultants working in the Home Office, Wider Central Government, Law Enforcement, National Security and Defence sectors.  We help you deliver real sustainable and lasting business change. We do it by aligning design, thinking & data; art & science, intuition & analysis – putting people at the heart of everything we do. It’s not rocket science. It’s Alchemmy

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Maya Kolaska: Head of Central Government & Law Enforcement


Maya leads Alchemmy’s work with our Central Government and Law Enforcement clients. She has a decade of experience helping the Public Sector deliver digitally enabled change, including working with the Home Office, Policing and other central government departments. Maya’s expertise spans the end-to-end product lifecycle, from developing a strategic vision and preparing business cases to manging product backlogs and implementing change, always ensuring that people are at the core of any solution.

Peter Fuller: Bid Lead


Peter is a seasoned professional spearheading the Bid Function at Alchemmy, drawing upon substantial expertise in both Transport and Counter Terrorism. With a nuanced understanding of procurement and sales intricacies within the UK's Transport sector, he injects pragmatic insights into bidding strategies. Peter's demonstrated success in tackling security challenges not only reinforces his pivotal role within Alchemmy but also underscores his commitment to incorporating the customer's perspective into all our solution proposals.

Brandon Cooke: Head of National Security & Defence


Brandon has extensive first-hand experience of the impact that technology can have on helping organisations deliver valuable outcomes. He collaborates with clients, translating their strategic goals into valuable outcomes that align with the UK's National Security and Defence vision. Building on strong relationships, Brandon consistently identifies new opportunities and ensures the highest quality deliverables. He is also a driving force behind shaping Alchemmy's offerings, keeping them at the forefront of market needs and trends.

Phil Aitchison: Director of Cyber


Phil leads Alchemmy’s Security & Resilience business across Law Enforcement and private sector clients. With over 20 years of experience delivering mission-critical capability in CNI and national security, Phil is responsible for the sales, delivery and people aspects of our security business. Phil's expertise covers policing, intelligence and nuclear sectors in areas such as cyber security, digital, surveillance and cross domain. Before joining Alchemmy, Phil held executive responsibility for Atos' Big Data & Security territory in the UK and led Digital Security for Atos across North Europe. Phil’s early career was at Detica, later known as Digital Intelligence following the BAE Systems acquisition, where he focussed on secure solutions and cross domain technology for government.


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