Programme Diagnostic Capability

75% of Major Programmes overspend or are delivered late.

Scope Creep

Projects and programmes often experience changes whilst underway, resulting in scope creep. This extends timelines and inflates budgets and is caused by inadequate planning.

Lack of Clear Communications

Miscommunications create misunderstandings. Many projects and programmes fail to get this right, resulting in stakeholder misalignment.

Risk Management Failures

A failure to identify, assess and mitigate risks early on can lead to delays and escalating costs. ​

However, research shows that succesful programmes are possible…

Robust project and resource management significantly improves programme outcomes.

Dynamic and transparent communication ensures that stakeholders use a collaborative problem-solving approach​.

Thorough and robust risk management procedures, with transparent governance, helps to mitigate challenges​.

Alchemmy’s programme diagnostic service has bolstered outcomes in multiple service sectors.

Using a bespoke approach for your organisation, we review your programmes on their scope, governance, delivery, leadership, stakeholder management & communications and benefits management, providing robust recommendations to help you become a high-performing, high-achieving delivery unit.

Our Approach enables you to fix the problems you can’t see

The Programme Diagnostic Tool uses a tried and tested method to provide a health check of a programme, highlighting what’s working well and identifying key areas of focus leading to recommendations to close gaps.

The tool is tailored to obtain a holistic and honest view of all key aspects of the programme through workshops and interviews with internal and external stakeholders. 

Diagnostic Assessment Benefits:

Simplify the complexity to provide clear insights into the programme’s health status.

Identification of what’s working well and the core challenges & risks.

Stakeholder voice clearly represented.

Key Recommendations Benefits:

Impactful list of recommendations, linked to specific feedback points, to build on what is working well and address areas of concern.

Clear roadmap of activities to drive positive change.

External Review

External review can be beneficial for organisations, allowing them to focus their efforts and resources on actions that prove most useful and effective to achieve the maximum possible impact.

Experience & Competence

Allows for the application of methods and tools that are most appropriate to accurately measure results and impact.


An external evaluator provides a more objective and impartial look on a project or programme​.


Stakeholders and funding bodies tend to give greater weight to the results of an independent external review as they avoid implicit bias prevalent in self-assessed reviews.

A Detached Point of View

An external point of view may notice those changes that would otherwise go unnoticed (and therefore not measured).​


Organisations often do not have sufficient resources to dedicate internal staff to data collection and evaluation activities.

What We've Done

Case Study 1: Passenger Automation Programme Review For A Major UK Airport

Project Background: Alchemmy were engaged to review the Passenger Automation programme for a major UK airport.

Client Needs: To get an overall assessment of the Passenger Automation programme.

Methodologies: The tool found some key strengths, such as the programme leadership, but uncovered some deficiencies with the stakeholder alignment around priorities and a lack of clarity of the overarching vision.

Benefits Delivered: Based on 0ur recommendations, the airport undertook an exercise to develop a visual target end-state for passenger automation, with an associated roadmap to get there. This was co-created and signed off by the wider stakeholder community and paved the way for the future of the programme. 

Case Study 2: Cargo Portfolio Review For A Major UK Airport

Project Background: Alchemmy were engaged to review the Cargo portfolio at a major UK airport.

Client Needs: We concluded that while there was a strong vision for Cargo that had support across stakeholders, it was not clear how the individual projects were in support of the vision and that progress had been slow in delivering on the outcomes.

Methodologies: Alchemmy proposed a full relaunch of the programme, with a new governance structure, an integrated delivery plan and a dedicated Programme Manager.

Benefits Delivered: Through a more focused, programmatic approach, projects that were less aligned to the overall vision were stopped and the critical projects were managed more effectively, allowing the programme to move forwards at pace.

Meet The Team

For more information on our Programme Diagnostic Tool, please contact:

Adam Kearns

P3M Lead

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