Programme Cost Reduction

Our service strategically analyses client needs to tailor cost-saving solutions from our comprehensive matrix. Addressing the challenge faced by 75% of organisations, where projects overrun budgets and timelines, we offer a proactive approach to cost management. 
Our expertise not only identifies inefficiencies but also implements effective measures to enhance value, ensuring your programmes are delivered on time and within budget. Embrace efficiency with our Programme Cost Reduction service—where your vision and our innovation meet for success.

Cost Pressures

Poor Project & Programme Management

80% average cost overrun relative to initial budget.

Inacurate Project Estimates

30% of projects fail due to inaccurate cost estimates.

Inadequate Planning

Only 5% of projects meet authorised cost and schedule.

Our Benefits

Accurate estimates reduce the risk of budget overruns.

Proper planning minimises delays and ensures efficient resource utilisation.

Effective management and communication reduces misunderstandings and prevents costly delays.

Our 5-Step Approach

Step 1: Scope

There are three questions to determine which intervention would suit your needs:


How much do you want to save?


When do you want to save it?


What is your investment capacity?

Step 2 & 3: Analyse

Choosing where and how to make interventions:

Step 2: Define Structure & Existing Spend

We will review documents and conduct interviews to understand the structure and distribution of spend across your portfolio and the scope and timelines associated with each of your projects. 

This information will guide whether our recommendations for intervention are at the programme or project level. 

Step 3: Categories Of Intervention

Depending on your answers to the three questions in Step 1, we will recommend interventions that either:

  • Do the same with less. Focus on efficiency by optimising existing resources and processes to achieve project/programme goas while minimising costs.
  • Do less with less. The project/programme scope is intentionally reduced to match the available resources, ensuring cost control.

Step 4: Selecting Your Interventions From The Alchemmy Cost Reduction Matrix

We will select a suite of interventions to help you achieve your goals identified in Step 1, regarding your: Target, Timeline and Investement.

Step 5: Developing A Roadmap To Guide Implementation Of Interventions

Once the suite of cost reduction interventions have been selected, we will develop a roadmap to outline the activities required and propose a phasing for implementation. We will also work with you to ensure you’re well-prepared to present the roadmap to the rest of your business for buy-in. 

Meet The Team

For more information on our Programme Cost Reduction Tool, please contact:

Adam Kearns

P3M Lead

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