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Our Integrated Approach to People and Change

The world is changing rapidly. Traditional models are not coping with this highly turbulent and complex network environment. And clients are feeling it.

While organisations are experiencing extraordinary disruption and unprecedented change, how leaders lead and how they design, build and empower teams has been stuck in time for decades. It’s time to reimagine change. Our ‘People Success Nexus’ takes a holistic approach to change, integrating the latest cutting-edge research, best practice, and decades of experience. It synthesises three main domains: leadership, high performing teams, and change management, where success occurs at the intersection of all three. This model provides a powerful tool to help leadership teams navigate and traverse complex network environments, and to direct, design and deliver change successfully.

The quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organisation’s long-term success


High-performing teams are 50% more productive and 44% more profitable

Harvard Business Review

Three of the top four reasons that major transformation programmes fail are related to change leadership issues

McKinsey & Company

Companies that excel in change management are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers

McKinsey & Company

The People Success Nexus

“Unlocking Success Through the Fusion of Leadership, Empowered Teams, and Agile Change”

Our Change Offerings

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Our Change Principles

We understand what motivates people and what drives them to change. Our experience has taught us that it’s the way we deliver change that makes a big difference to success.

With this insight we created the Alchemmy Change Formula, bringing to life the simple elements we use to embed change in complex environments.

Compelling A Case For Change

We use the idea of a burning platform to communicate the gravity of the current situation, emphasising the risks and consequences of not changing. By presenting a compelling case for change, we hope to motivate individuals and teams to overcome their resistance, embrace new ideas, and actively participate in the change process.

Lead With 'The Why'

Clearly communicating the underlying reasons and benefits behind the change to all stakeholders. Focusing on the "why" helps align the team's efforts and motivates them to contribute effectively to the change process.

Engaging & Empowering Employees

Leveraging employee skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to facilitate and drive transformation is critical for the success of any change initiative. Effective employee engagement is critical for the success of any change initiative. It ensures that the workforce is aligned with the organisational goals, motivated to contribute, and resilient in the face of challenges.

Embed Capabilities

It’s usually the leaders that inspire and nurture their teams who make change successful. We work with them, transferring capability to embed new behaviours, increasing confidence to sustain the change when they go it alone.

Build Trust

We craft honest, inspiring communications, to build trust with end-users. No surprises, just satisfied end-users who get what they’re expecting.

Reinforce Behaviours

Changing hard-wired behaviours for the long-term is tough. We make it easier by creating robust plans to reinforce new behaviours and celebrating when we see them in action.


  • Reduces resistance, making it easier to deliver change now.
  • Reduces change fatigue, making it easier to deliver change in the future.
  • Increases end-user confidence in new ways of working, improving satisfaction.
  • Improves adoption of new behaviours, embedding the change more successfully.

What Challenges Do You Face?

Declining Performance

If an organisation is experiencing a decline in key performance indicators, such as revenue, market share, or customer satisfaction, it may signal the need for change.

Inefficient Processes

Clients may identify inefficient or outdated processes that hinder productivity and agility. Streamlining and optimising these processes can be a common goal of change programs.

Market Changes

Shifts in the market, such as new competitors, emerging technologies, or changes in customer preferences, can create challenges for an organisation. Adapting to these changes often requires a strategic change initiative.

Employee Resistance

Resistance to change among employees can impede progress. If there is a lack of alignment or engagement, clients may initiate change programs to address organisational culture, communication, and employee buy-in.

System Implementation

Rapid advancements in technology may render existing systems or practices obsolete. Organisations may need to implement new systems to stay competitive and relevant.

Strategic Shift

A change in organisational strategy, such as entering new markets, diversifying products or services, or restructuring, may require a corresponding change in how the organisation operates.

Crisis Or Turbulence

Events such as financial crises, natural disasters, or global pandemics can force organisations to re-evaluate their operations and make significant changes to ensure survival and resilience.

Customer Dissatisfaction

A decline in customer satisfaction or an increase in complaints may prompt an organisation to re-evaluate its customer service processes, product offerings, or overall customer experience.

Leadership Changes

Changes in leadership, whether due to retirements, resignations, or other reasons, may bring a fresh perspective and a desire for organisational transformation.

Who We've Worked With

Meet The Team

For more information about the People & Change work at Alchemmy, please drop us an email at:

Gavin Nicol

Gavin is Alchemmy’s service lead for High Performing Teams and is experienced in leading complex transformation and change projects across numerous sector. His previous clients include Network Rail, Autoglass, & Heathrow Airport. He is adept at successfully managing a range of senior stakeholders and applying an end-user focus to designing effective business change solutions to embed sustainable change.

Bherav Kakkad

Bherav has 6+ years’ experience working across the end-to-end delivery of Business Change.

He has notable experience across a range of sectors in areas including Digital Transformation, Change Management, Organisational Design, Process Design, Target Operating Model and Communication.

Paul Kennedy

Paul is an international security expert with over 10 years of leadership experience, across 5 continents. Paul’s defence background makes him comfortable delivering complex change in uncertain environments. He is passionate about cultivating a culture of humility within teams and integrity in solution design.

Gary Watts

Gary is a currently Managing Director of Alchemmy and the sponsor of the People and Change Centre of Excellence and High Performing Teams capability. Gary has over 15 years in the UK’s Defence & Security sector in a variety of delivery, transformation and team leadership roles. Specialises in shaping vision and strategy, organising for delivery and leading change in complex multi-stakeholder environments. 

Charlotte Callinan

Charlotte leads our Aviation Practice, with over 12 years of experience in delivering strategic transformation to unlock value for organisations, Charlotte has a proven track record of working with C-Level stakeholders at international airports and aviation clients to rethink legacy ways of operating through transformation partnering. Charlotte’s focus is on building a multi-skilled team that provide airports, airlines, and partners with an end-to-end transformation partnership and support, enabling sustainable change in complex operational environments.

Richard Sheircliff

Richard brings over 11 years of experience delivering major transformation programmes in the transport industry across rail and aviation. Richard has led transformations from strategy development through to implementation and benefits realisation. Richard has worked with the biggest rail and aviation infrastructure owners in the UK, Network Rail and Heathrow airport, and has worked closely with many of the UK’s train operators and airlines. Richard is adept at working in environments with complex stakeholder landscapes.

Jean-Christophe Andre

JC brings over 13 years of expertise in shaping and delivering large, complex programmes in the transport and real estate sectors on an international stage. His focus lies in crafting effective corporate and delivery strategies, optimising business architectures to drive success, and leading teams to deliver complex transformations. His extensive experience includes working with renowned organisations such as Transport for London, HS2, Network Rail, East West Rail, Canadian National Railway, Rio Tinto, and  FTSE 100 companies.

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