Project & Programme Management

P3M stands for “Portfolio, Programme and Project Management”. P3M helps organisations optimise resource allocation, minimise risks, and ensure that their projects and programs are aligned with their strategic direction.

It promotes a structured approach to managing various levels of initiatives and enables organisations to make informed decisions about which projects and programs to pursue to achieve their long-term goals.

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What Challenges Do You Face?

High Failure Rate of Projects

Many projects fail to meet their objectives, exceed budgets, or miss deadlines, resulting in financial losses and unmet business needs.

Inefficient Resource Utilisation

Companies struggle with optimal allocation and utilisation of resources, leading to resource bottlenecks or underutilisation.

Poor Risk Management

Inadequate identification and mitigation of risks lead to project delays, cost overruns, and project failures.

Change Resistance

Resistance to change among employees and stakeholders hampers the successful implementation of projects.

Siloed Operations

Lack of coordination and communication between different departments and projects leads to inefficiencies and duplication of efforts.

Lack of Visibilty & Control

Senior management lacks visibility into the progress and health of projects, making it difficult to make informed decisions.

Misaligned Projects With Strategic Goals

Projects are initiated without clear alignment to the company's strategic objectives, leading to wasted resources and efforts on low-impact projects.

Difficulty In Measuring Project Value

Companies find it challenging to measure the actual value delivered by projects and programmes.

Adapting To Market Changes Or New Regulations

Rapid market changes and technological advancements require companies to adapt quickly, which is difficult without structured management processes.

Our Core Product Services

Programme Diagnostic Capability

Alchemmy can review your programme performance across a range of variables to make recommendations that will enhance success.

Programme Cost Reduction

Alchemmy can review cost expenditure across your portfolio and programmes to identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Our Core Capabilities

Strategic Portfolio Management

Optimising client's portfolio to drive alignment with the strategic vision and efficient use of resources.

Portfolio, Programme & Project Design

Setting up programmes for success, including the scope, structure, governance and success metrics.

SME Support To Project Teams

Augment project teams with SMEs pertaining to data services, analytics, change management and procurement.

Commercial & Procurement Support

Supporting clients to develop robust business cases, procurement strategies and contract frameworks.

Project & Programme Management

Running projects and programmes on behalf of our clients to deliver exceptional results​.

P3M Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Take the Survey to Unlock Your Tailored Insights

This questionnaire is designed to help your business evaluate its project management practices and identify areas for improvement. By completing this assessment, you will gain tailored free insights from Alchemmy’s P3M Centre of Excellence Team to enhance the effectiveness of your project management processes.

Who We've Worked With

What We've Done

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Meet The Team

For more information about the P3M work at Alchemmy, please drop us an email at:


Adam Kearns

P3M Lead

Adam is highly qualified in project and programme management, working in Alchemmy’s Rail Practice for several senior clients. He is the Head of the business’ P3M Centre of Excellence, and is a ex-Army officer with strong expertise in intelligence and operations, including leadership and delivery. Adam also holds the PMP qualification and Professional Scrum master 1.

Iva Lekkai

Gabriele Marchionni

Eloka Ntephe

Lola Bulow

Ola Rzepczynska

Ryan Newsam

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