Discover your leadership potential. Lead and resolve with authenticity.

Our Leadership Ignite Development package is built around developing more authentic leaders.

We will objectively analyse leadership capability against industry standard metrics and utilise 360-degree reporting. This diagnosis will be followed by centralised workshops that are highly tailored to the organisation, and individual leadership coaching that will measurably improve leadership performance.

Our Approach

1. Understand

Alchemmy coaches to understand your leadership capabilities and contextual challenges.​

2. Unlock

Unlock leadership potential through tailored solutions to enable long-term leadership development.​

3. Unleash

Unleash impactful leadership through immersive workshops and personalised coaching from a trusted partner.​


Leaders that make great decisions

Enhanced ability to lead multiple teams

Strengthen self-awareness

Develop transformational leaders

Empowered delivery and decision making

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is vital in fostering organsational culture, employee retention & profitability

83% of businesses believe it's important to develop leaders at every level, but only 5% successfully do.

Zippia Research

"Authentic leaders genuinely desire to serve others through their leadership."

Bill George

Leadership Capability (Diagnosis Stage)

Examples Of Common Challenges

No clear organisational leadership vision

Leaders lacking self-awareness

Lack of humility/transparency

Poor investment into employee development

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