Intelligent Automation

It’s easy to get lost in the hype-fog around AI, Blockchain, IoT, automation and the rest. The potential is huge: but so too are the pitfalls of a poor strategy, or a good one that can’t be sustained. Digital transformation is littered with expensive failed projects and white elephants. Alchemmy will help you avoid the hazards, ensuring your people make intelligent use of machine intelligence. Giving you truly Intelligent Automation.

First, or Faster

Rapid implementation of new tools and technology, so you can quickly unlock the value of innovation and digitisation

Intelligent Integration

A holistic approach that can identify opportunities, and accelerate improvement, throughout your business

Sustainable by Design

Ensuring skills and processes are in place, to keep you improving after we've gone.

Intelligent Automation at Alchemmy

It's not 'if' or 'when'. It's 'how'

(And how fast). Like it or not, automation and machine learning are here to stay: and not just in obvious places like Logistics and Supply Chain Management, or Risk and Compliance. Intelligent Automation should be a cornerstone of your approach to Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, Marketing, CSR and more.

Potentially transformative, it should always accelerate: allowing you to get where you’re trying to go first, or faster.

People need machines. Machines need people.

We take a holistic approach to change. Automation is no magic bullet, and needs to be part of an integrated plan. Getting new technology and existing teams to complement each other and deliver more together demands insight, patience and skill.

We’re highly experienced at demystifying automation, and ensuring each strategy is aligned with the culture and personalities in play.

Resilience in an imperfect world

Automation isn’t about perfection. It’s a question of agility: building the flexibility and resilience you need to seize opportunities or absorb shocks.

To equip you for tomorrow we use some of the most advanced process-mining algorithms ever made to model changes in advance; we can also create ‘digital twins’ of your organisation, to safely explore different scenarios and options for investment; and we ensure changes stick, and that improvement can be sustained long term.

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