High-Performing Teams

Unleash your team's full potential now

High performing teams are the #1 factor for business success. Managers and leaders are the main drivers of your team’s performance.

For businesses to thrive, it is critical they develop effective managers and high performing teams.

Examples Of Common Challenges

Building high-performing teams is difficult

Building high performing teams to help meet your goals in the current environment isn’t easy. Remote working, competing priorities, complex delivery, and the increasing uncertainty on what the future holds is only making it harder. These factors are having a massive impact on team performance.

No clear 'North-Star'

Unclear roles & responsibililties

Fragmented delivery

Inefficient processes

Poor ways of working

Lack of trust & poor relationships

Our Approach

Our High Performing Teams Accelerator will objectively improve your team’s performance. With proven results in hundreds of teams over the years, we are well placed to help you understand, unlock, and unleash the potential of your team.

1. Diagnose

Understand the strengths, weaknesses and disagreements in the team. (Client effort: 1 hour)

2. Design

Leveraging our People and Change solutions, we design highly personalised accelerator workshops to address the core challenges.

3. Deliver

We deliver accelerator workshops which are fun, immersive, collaborative, & high-energy (Client effort: 1 day)


Rapid results

Quick turnaround of low-performing team

Verifiable improvement in team performance

Industry gold-standard framework

Excellent customer feedback

The Return On Investment from High Performing Teams

The Harvard Business Review highlights the huge return of investment from team development. Dr. Laurie Bassi, a human capital analysis specialist, found that training and development has a 300% return on investment. The research found companies that invested in training and team development had:


increase in productivity


reduction in employee turnover


higher income per employee


higher profit margin


higher company value

What We've Done

Case Study 1: Senior Leadership Team of a British Rail company

A senior rail leadership team (10 people) was struggling to define their vision and needed to improve performance levels and ways of working. Team performance was assessed against 12 critical success factors of a high performing team. 

Following the accelerator, team results highlighted significant improvements in all measures of team dynamics and an overall 40% increase on the team’s baseline score.

Case Study 2: HS2 Senior Programme Leadership Team

A senior programme leadership team (11 people) at HS2 were struggling to link the business strategy with the programme strategy and resolve inefficient processes and ways of working. 

We conducted a team diagnostic and then designed and delivered a high performing teams accelerator intervention which resulted in a 25% increase in the teams’ baseline performance.

Case Study 3: Global Airport Senior Leadership Team

We delivered a 2-day accelerator with a senior leadership team (9 people) that was struggling to define roles and responsibilities and to delegate and empower effectively. 

 Following the intervention, results highlighted improvements in all critical success factors of team effectiveness and an overall team performance increase by 10%.

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