Events at Alchemmy

Fascinating conversations in a stunning environment with breathtaking views. Why not join us at Riverside House for one of our upcoming Alchemmy events?

Events at Alchemmy
Can Automation Really Be Intelligent?
Can Digital Ever Be Ethical and Responsible?

6th July 2022

Registration: from 6.15pm
Panel event: 7pm to 8.40pm
Nibbles and networking till 10pm

Riverside House
2A Southwark Bridge Road

Join our expert panel as they discuss Alchemmy’s report on Intelligent Automation. The pandemic has transformed the commercial landscape forever. But our research shows that the transformation has come at a cost. Businesses have lost sight of where they are profitable. Intelligent Automation can help address that. But there are barriers to adoption, including skills deficits and the perceived opposition between people and machines. Can Intelligent Automation ensure that AI, robotics and machine capabilities work harmoniously with people, freeing staff to do more interesting tasks. Can Intelligent Automation programmes help organisations attract the most skilled people? What role does Intelligent Automation have for the future of public services? Our expert panel will explore these vital questions.

And can automation be ethical? At the event, we will launch the Digital Responsibility Forum. This expert panel will be a resource for organisations wishing to explore the ethical problems automation and other aspects of digital pose, as well as the commercial or reputational risks. Can automation be part of public decision-making if people are hostile to algorithms determining educational outcomes? Is your firm one misplaced automation away from an unethical sourcing decision, terrible headlines and a share-price collapse? Digital Responsibility Forum members on our panel will explore these questions.

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