Defence, Security & Law Enforcement

Ours is a disrupted, uncertain world. COVID, Brexit, war in Ukraine aren’t just abstractions people experience as news headlines. They’re felt in our daily lives, in the cost of living, in energy prices, in economic uncertainty. At such times, people need to feel safe. So our armed forces, security services and police have never been more important. 

Alchemmy is actively involved in transforming defence, security and law enforcement. We collaborate in an ecosystem of exciting innovators. We work alongside brilliant public servants and frontline professionals. Their work is a valued part of our history and heritage. To remain relevant, they must confront new challenges – and not just the increasing complexity and proliferation of threats. They also face fast-paced technological change. We help them manage change and become cutting-edge 21st century services providing 21st century protection.  

Machines and people: working together for a safer future

As we experience radical shifts in what machines do, people and their skills become more important, not less.

New partnerships in defence, security & law enforcement

Threats and challenges multiply. Budgets are limited. Partnerships can help bridge the resourcing and innovation gaps.

Relocation & levelling up

Where defence, security and law enforcement resources are located can support local economies and drive levelling up.

Technology: threat & solution

Technology presents a double-edged challenge for defence, security and law enforcement professionals. Increasingly, hostile states, organisations and individuals use cybercrime to disrupt services, compromise identities and extort money. Technology is a restless disruptor of all economic sectors, changing expectations of how services should be delivered.  

But technology is also the great transformational enabler. Properly used, it can improve intelligence gathering, enhance planning, and improve efficiency and effectiveness in the deployment of human and other resources. 

Alchemmy’s digital work spans strategic transformation, intelligent automation and data strategy, applied analytics, and data exploitation. Our Digital Alliance brings together an array of innovators to help services address the technological threats – and exploit its opportunities. 

Where there's a skill there's a way

Technology can help human resources go further. Where there are recruitment restraints, headcount limits or skills shortages it can also augment and enhance human effort. Yet to use technology effectively requires skilled professionals. And there are some things technology cannot do. Far-reaching military, security and law enforcement challenges will always need expert personnel.  

In the defence, security and law enforcement arenas, the coming years will see a complex mix of people-intensive and technological solutions. The UK government is committed to significant levels of defence and security spending. There are targets for increasing police numbers. Yet Whitehall is also committed to reduce headcount. Defence, security and law enforcement institutions are likely to increase their focus in some areas and shrink others, all while dealing with more complex operational challenges.  

This will require a workforce equipped with a mix of traditional and emerging skills. At Alchemmy we prioritise people factors. We will never recommend a technology to our clients without identifying the skills and culture needed to use it effectively. And we ensure that we transfer knowledge to our clients to equip them to get the best from any solutions we design. 

Partnerships for innovation, partnerships for growth

Achieving value and impact in public services is about compelling and innovative ecosystems and partnerships. It is sometimes about relocation from concentrated hubs in the South East to help drive diversity and regional prosperity. 

Alchemmy works in partnership with select expert innovators. And we operate regionally. Last year, we opened new South West and East Midland bases in Bristol and Nottingham. Our Bristol office in particular reflects our commitment to invest in a region where defence and security institutions are strong. And we intend to open other regional hubs in the future, allowing us to provide tailored services in the areas where our clients operate. 

Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation to those who serve. It says we will do all we can to ensure they are treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their day-to-day lives. Alchemmy is proud to support those who serve.

For more about the Armed Forces Covenant and what it means for you, visit the link here.

Alchemmy and ACE

Alchemmy is part of the Vivace community, providing expertise and capabilities to the Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) which is mission-led innovation unit within the Home Office’s Homeland Security Group.  

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