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Who We Are

Alchemmy Cyber is an independent consultancy dedicated to delivering better value for money organisations, which often face challenges in demonstrating returns on their comprehensive security investments. We advocate for a data-driven approach to making informed decisions in managing ongoing cyber risks, technology spending, and improving overall cyber resilience. By utilising a diagnostics approach to measure the combined effectiveness of security operations, people, processes, and technology, we enhance readiness and resilience. Alchemmy Cyber takes a disruptive approach to cybersecurity with innovative technology and pragmatic advisory services to achieve superior outcomes.

Security Value

Valuable insight into the real-world performance of your security investments

Strategic Fit

Clarity on where to spend money to improve resilience

Smarter Choices

Practical thinking to get better value from existing security suppliers and new capabilities

Challenges We Help You Overcome

Many businesses invest heavily on Pro Active Cyber Defence Services such as; Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Incident Response (IR), and protective & detective security technologies. These are essential to protecting the organisations assets but are rarely measured on success. because it’s hard. Understanding Threat Actors that concern you, deciphering the Actionable Threat Intelligence from the noise, plus continuous Attack surface testing—often receives less attention but we believe this is the emerging need in the market that up until recently has proved elusive and fragmented.

To maximise Return from your security investments requires a continuous quality assurance approach that evaluates and measures effectiveness and ongoing maturity of your Security Technology-People & Processes

By taking a data led approach we can make better decisions and answer the questions ‘How secure are we?‘ and ‘How do we actually know?

Comprehensive Ransomware Exposure Assessment

We enable businesses to understand their exposure to ransomware through safe, adversary-simulated attacks. Our cost-effective approach leverages specialised Red Team resources, providing continuous, scalable attack simulations without the prohibitive costs.

Targeted Security Defense Validation

We assist CISOs in demonstrating the effectiveness of their security defenses against the most pressing emerging threats. Rather than attempting to cover the entire MITRE ATT&CK matrix, we focus on what truly matters, ensuring robust protection where it counts most.

Optimised Security Spending Guidance

Our expertise helps businesses allocate security spending effectively, focusing on critical areas and making informed risk and spending decisions. We ensure that your investments are optimised, avoiding the pitfalls of unused licenses and overlapping products.

Compliance Support Across Leading Frameworks

We provide comprehensive support for your compliance initiatives across key security frameworks such as ISO27001, NIS2.0, and NIST CSF. Our vCISO consultants are pragmatic leaders with extensive experience in achieving compliance in both public and private sectors.

Automated Continuous Pen Testing Services

We design and operationalise automated pen testing services that continuously validate your IT attack surface. While we offer compliance-based pen tests, we advocate for innovative, continuous testing approaches that enhance your cyber resilience.

SOC-as-a-Service for Enhanced Cyber Defence

We optimise your defensive measures, driving remediation and risk mitigation efforts. Whether you utilise in-house or outsourced SOC services, we deliver outcome-based Detect & Response solutions. Our scalable, proactive cyber defence service integrates IT and OT seamlessly.

Our Capabilities

Breach & Attack Simulation

Proactively identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities by simulating real-world cyberattacks on your network.

External Attack Surface Management

Provide continuous monitoring and assessment of your external digital assets to identify and remediate potential security risks.

Security Controls Validation

Ensure the effectiveness of your security measures by systematically testing and verifying their performance against potential threats.

Cloud Security Validation

Assess and verify the security of your cloud environments, ensuring compliance and protection against vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing as a Service

Expert-led simulated attacks to identify and address security weaknesses in your systems and applications

Red/Purple Teaming

Combine offensive and defensive security strategies to rigorously test and improve your organisation's cybersecurity defenses.

SOC Capability Assessment

Evaluate and enhance the effectiveness and maturity of your Security Operations Centre’s processes, technologies, and personnel.

Threat Advisory

Timely intelligence and expert analysis to help you anticipate, understand, and respond to emerging cyber threats.

Compliance Assessments

Ensure your organisation meets regulatory and industry standards by thoroughly evaluating your security policies and practices. (ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, NIST CFF, DORA etc)

What We've Done

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Matthew Hotchkiss

Head of Cyber BD & Sales

Steve Eyre

Head of Cyber

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