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Who Are We?

Alchemmy’s CIO Advisory practice helps clients optimise tech, data, IT strategy and operations, aligning with core business objectives, to deliver long term efficiency and effectiveness, together with short term benefits. The need for CIOs to closely connect with their CxO counterparts is increasingly essential if organisations are to succeed.

What Challenges Do You Face?

The CIO function is facing unprecedented challenge at an ever increasing rate of change and impact: the constant need to do more, with less, to free up cash to fund innovation and deliver sustainable growth.

Alchemmy recognises five key challenge that are top of mind for CIOs in the coming 12-18 months.

Deliver operational efficiency & effectiveness

through automation and digital transformation.

Leverage data & analytics

to deliver better insights, improve decision making and create value.

Fund innovation through cost optimisation

by focusing on agile technologies with lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher Total Economic Impact.

Reduce risk & maximise security

combined with innovation and modernisation.

Maximise Cloud effectiveness

to migrate data, update infrastructure and applications, and speed up idea realisation to generate ROI.

Our Capabilities

Strategy & Assessment

Optimising operating environment including design, implementation and optimisation of target operating model (people, process, data and technology), aligning with capabilities whilst managing risk.

Process Improvement

Optimising core processes to deliver improved effectiveness and efficiency to drive performance improvement.

Organisational Transformation

Maximising business value by better leveraging technology, data, IT, tools and methods.

Our Offerings

Alchemmy helps its client deliver competitive advantage, by positioning them to better serve their clients to deliver growth and create lasting value across three offerings:

Enterprise Asset Management

Alchemmy helps clients optimise the quality and utilisation of industrial assets (rail, road, air bridges) to increase productive uptime and reduce operational costs.

  • ROI of 450% over 5 years
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime >40%
  • Reduction in time taken to resolve outages >30%

Cloud Optimisation

Alchemmy helps clients optimise Cloud estates by continuously determining the best fit compute, storage and database configurations for applications to deliver performance at lower cost.

  • ROI typically 200-300%
  • Payback within 9-12 months
  • Data driven decision making and accountability

Process Automation

Alchemmy helps clients deliver front-to-back digitisation, eliminating manual processes, across business functions (HR, procurement, supply chain etc.).

  • Efficiency with rapid speed to results
  • Cost reduction and compliance
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction

Meet The Lead

Matthew White

Director, CIO Advisory

Matthew leads Alchemmy’s CxO Advisory practice. He’s spent his career helping clients get the best out of tech and data to solve complex business problems.

Alchemmy’s CxO Advisory practice helps clients optimise tech, data, IT strategy and operations, to deliver sustainable growth. We help our clients deliver competitive advantage by positioning them to better serve their clients, to deliver growth and create value.

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