Better Business Operations (THRIVE)

Everyone wants to be more efficient. They want to reduce their environmental impact, have happier teams and customers. They want to innovate and generate more demand. So how come so many initiatives and investments fall short of these goals? Our approach avoids the pitfalls, harnessing the power of your frontline teams, your data, and your organisational culture – to enable change in an integrated and sustainable way.

Change that pays
its way

Prioritising early improvements that pay for themselves and fund the next stage

We’re embedded. You’re empowered

Committing to your business for the long haul, as one team

Real change.
New mindset

Laying the foundations for future improvement

Working 9 to THRIVE

We use a unique model that addresses company mindset and culture, and a 9-box system to assess operations holistically – all the way from generating orders to back-office finances. This root-and-branch overview helps us rapidly identify and address opportunities for improvement that can help fund the next phase of changes. But it also helps you prioritise with confidence: through a combination of modelling, visualisation, simulation and insight.

Building a 'coalface coalition'

An Alchemmist’s superpower is the ability to embed themselves in your business, and form a coalition of frontline players: those with the best insight into pain points and underlying problems, and the skills needed to explore improvement. Because it’s vital to understand change from the perspective of those who are most affected, and best placed to implement it.

Immediate impact.

Long-term legacy

We leave behind a legacy of improved capability: so you can do it without us next time. Alongside the tangible and technical impact we’ll have on process and ways of working, we make sure individuals and teams have the training, confidence and insight they need to sustain a culture of high performance and constant improvement, long after we’ve gone.

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