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Technology and Automation

The Challenge

Airports are faced with a range of opportunities linked to technology and automation. This ranges from improved self-service options to biometrics and enhancing their security halls with new Computed Tomography (CT) X-Ray machines, streamlining the cabin luggage screening process. This technology allows passengers to keep electronic devices and liquids in their bags, improving convenience and efficiency when going through airport security. However, the tight deadline for installing this new technology is adding considerable pressure on airports which are facing significant delays due to supplier delays and training requirements. As these innovations are implemented at different points across the UK, Europe and beyond, they create an inconsistent passenger experience.

How Alchemmy Can Help

Maximising Effectiveness of Existing Infrastructures

Alchemmy specialises in optimising existing infrastructures to integrate new technologies seamlessly. Our expertise ensures that the implementation of CT X-ray machines enhances the efficiency and capacity of airport security halls without disrupting ongoing operations. By leveraging innovative solutions, Alchemmy maximises the utilisation of existing resources, thereby helping to minimise costs and maximise effectiveness.

Process Management

Alchemmy offers comprehensive process management solutions to streamline the integration of CT X-ray machines into airport security operations. Our tailored approach involves analysing existing processes, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing optimised workflows to enhance throughput and efficiency. Through effective process management, Alchemmy ensures a smooth transition to CT technology, minimising disruptions and improving overall operational effectiveness.

People Management

Alchemmy understands the importance of people management in successful technology implementation. We provide training and change management tools to support airport staff, ensuring they are proficient in operating CT X-ray machines and adapting to new security protocols. By prioritizing employee engagement and skill development, Alchemmy facilitates a positive transition to new technologies, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within airport security teams.

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