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We’re consultants who help you deliver real, sustainable and lasting change. We do it by aligning design thinking and data, art and science, intuition and analysis – putting people at the heart of everything we do.

It’s not rocket science. It’s Alchemmy.

Change Guaranteed

We guarantee the results clients need, while helping them build their own virtuous cycle of change – so they can grow and thrive long after we’ve gone.

Breakthrough by Design

Humans beings understand things visually. So we use vivid, visual tools that inspire the leaps of understanding and imagination you need for a breakthrough.

Maximise Momentum

We work with clients to set in motion a virtuous cycle in each organisation: helping them grow and thrive. This is the continuous process we’ll build and equip you to sustain after we’ve gone

Our Sectors


To explore our aviation services, please navigate to our Aviation page. Here, you'll find detailed information on how we can assist with everything from capacity optimisation to passenger satisfaction


Explore our Rail page to discover in-depth information about our extensive services and how we can elevate your rail operations. Whatever you're looking to do, our dedicated team is here to support your goals.

Public Sector

Explore our Public Sector page to learn more about our services, success stories, and how we can partner with you to enhance public services and deliver value to the communities you serve.


To explore our Cyber services, please visit our Cyber Security page. Here, you'll find solutions to your current challenges and learn how we can assist you in resolving them.


Explore our Retail page to learn more about our services, successes and how we can deliver value in the retail sector.


Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities in the Legal Sector.

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